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Pheyden - Standard

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Item Name: Pheyden - Standard

Pheyden is the main character in the Glyos System at this time. He is from a race known as the Travellers.

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This particular Pheyden, as shown in the Passcodes, frees the Infiltrator Buildman from the command of the Granthan Corps division of the Lost Sincroid Army. He later becomes known as Nemica Scar Pheyden, after his confrontation with the Armodocs and Phanost on planet Nemica.
Some time after that, he works with Glyaxia Command as "Agent Nemica".
Agent Nemica is converted to Hades Pheyden during a particularly harrowing adventure involving planet Granthan, the creation of the Armodocs, and a secret society of Sarvos and Travelers.
Hades and Argen, the renamed Infiltrator Buildman, later must journey to planet Rilleco to investigate a problem with Dimension Gates and the Buildstation.
Additionally, a blue Pheyden of a similar color - or perhaps this Pheyden - was tasked with watching over the space trappers Rechlen and Aves during their adventures.
10/28/2007 GTWL: Pheyden wears a special Trapping Suit to aid him in stopping a renegade Villser that has boarded the Edgeliner Delphi in an attempt to absorb Aves.

As of this writing, the full story of Pheyden/Nemica/Hades has not been told.

Pheyden existed as a hand-cast figure prior to the mass-production run. The color was generally darker blue/gray than the production version. Additionally, the feet were of a different mold than the production version.
This version of Pheyden is so popular that two further versions have been released of it, utilizing the softer later series Glyos plastic. The newer releases can also be discerned by their eye colors.
Additionally, numerous figures depicting this Pheyden and his evolution have been released, including a Custom Corps and a RealxHead mini release.

Fun facts: there is a Founders Series Reverse Pheyden (see Series Five) that was never released. In fact, all examples were destroyed before any hit US soil.
Fun fact: the original price of the figures now known collectively as "The Founders Series" was $10 per figure.
Fun fact: the original run of figures were plagued by paint jobs that were incorrectly applied on the black outlined sections. For this reason, most of these figures were hard to get until the Founders release. This version of Pheyden was available for many months after release, as the paint jobs on the Pheydens were not as bad as the Exellis from this wave.
Here is a review of Pheyden from CollectionDX.com: Pheyden Review

Year: 2007
Original Price: $10.00/$8.00/$4.00 (Founder release)
Item Code: G0001

Item Images

Pheyden - Standard
Standard Pheyden photography from the Onell Design site.
Credit: Onell Design 2007
  Pheyden - Standard
This is how you can disassemble a Glyos Traveler or Sincroid figure.
Credit: 2007 - Onell Design
  Pheyden - Standard
Trapper Suit Pheyden requires a number of figures to build: Standard Exellis, Aves Exellis, and Hyper Exellis, as well as a Standard Pheyden head.