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Stalker - Alien Infantry Assault Unit

Item Name: Stalker - Alien Infantry Assault Unit

In the near future, a hostile alien force launches a full scale invasion of Earth, starting with one of her most famous cities -- New York. Stalking its streets are terrifying alien invaders bent on humanity's annihilation, leaving plague and destruction in their wake.

Amidst the chaos, a specially trained military operative puts on a suit of powerful battle armor -- the Nanosuit 2.0 -- enhanced with the most advanced combat technology the world has ever known. Brought back from the edge of death, this super-soldier must use his skills and weapons to stay alive in a battle for mankind's survival -- and drive the alien invaders from an iconic city of freedom and hope.

Stalker (Alien Infantry Assault Unit)
A light, agile infantry unit used to sweep areas and annihilate human inhabitants. The Stalker's enhanced mobility and speed make it a dangerous adversary, skilled at tracking down and out-flanking its targets.
Most frequently deployed as rapid-response reinforcements, Stalkers are well equipped to traverse a wide variety of environments. While they maintain a high degree of self-preservation under fire, they appear to enjoy stalking their prey and engaging their quarry at close range.

Note: This is a packing error - which display Alcatraz as the included figure on the front card insert.

Year: 2011
Original Price: $7.99
Bar Code: 0 18876 26004 6
ASST. Code: 26000
Item Code: 26004

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Stalker - Alien Infantry Assault Unit
  Stalker - Alien Infantry Assault Unit
  Stalker - Alien Infantry Assault Unit
  Stalker - Alien Infantry Assault Unit
Stalker - Alien Infantry Assault Unit
  Stalker - Alien Infantry Assault Unit