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Skull Pheyden

Item Name: Skull Pheyden

Skull Pheyden is the same color as Reverse Exellis from the Founders series. He is also the same plastic hardness as the first-series Glyos figures.
He exists in a very low quantity, almost a test-shot. Matt Doughty estimates that there are only 12 in existence.
Nothing has been revealed in-story about this Pheyden. In fact, he was never featured in his own blog post. Skull Pheyden has only been seen pictured with Exellis (where Exellis was reconfigured into a wheeled Speeder vehicle).

Year: 2007
Original Price: $10 or free (might have been a giveaway)

Item Images

Skull Pheyden
Credit: 2007 - Onell Design