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Gear\'s Edge Pheyden

Item Name: Gear's Edge Pheyden

"Gear's Edge" is the name of a comic series put out by Onell Design and Rawshark Productions.
Set on the planet Issaris, it details the lives of many types of mechanical beings and a boy named Gear who were left behind after a planet-wide evacuation.
It has never been stated that this Pheyden is from that planet, or how he relates to the GE storyline (if he does at all).
In a later series, there is a Traveler named Gearius who is colored similar to this Pheyden, but has a massive scar on his face. It can be inferred that these two characters are the same entity (from the color and the name), but it has not officially been stated.

Fun fact: this was one of the most difficult figures to get from the Founders series. Fans who purchase this figure should be careful swapping the head out, as it was prone to breakage.
Fun fact: Gear's Edge Pheyden was the basis for the first known version of Scar Pheyden.
Fun fact: there was a Reverse Gear's Edge Pheyden produced but never released. In fact, all samples were destroyed prior to arrival in the US.

Year: 2007
Original Price: $10-$8/$4 as a Founder Set piece
Item Code: G0002

Item Images

Gear\'s Edge Pheyden
Credit: 2007 - Onell Design