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From the earliest days of the Glyos blog, many characters were listed as "in development". As time went on, fans wondered when they would see new characters such as Phanost, Gobon, and the accessory Phase Arm. Series Six, which debuted at NYCC 2009, would begin the evolution of Glyos
Containing the first releases of Phanost and Sarvos, as well as the initial Buildman release, Glyos witnessed what was, at the time, an unthinkable concept - a quick sell-out.
G047 Standard Buildman
G048 Reverse Buildman
G049 Standard Phanost (Warp Zone release)
G050 Hybrid Sarvos w/blue Phanost head (Passcode release)
G051 Core Phanost (released NYCC 09; re-released in WarpZone)
G052 Phantasm Sarvos (NYCC 09 exclusive)
G053 Classified Sarvos (Passcode release)
With the Buildmen a hit, a new order was placed for more...

Series 6 - February 2009

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Standard Buildman
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Reverse Buildman
group item image
Standard Phanost
group item image
Hybrid Sarvos
group item image
Core Phanost
group item image
Classified Sarvos
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Delphi Exellis