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Series Five was a step in the right direction for the continued success of Onell Design, in that many of the paint issues had been solved, but some growing pains occurred, as half of the planned SDCC-debuting wave did not arrive in time.
This would not be the last time that this happened....
But regardless, here is what happened: At SDCC, the primary figures for sale were the "Real Type" wave:
G025 Reverse Pheyden V1
G026 Ranic Pheyden
G027 Dimension Pheyden
G028 Capture Exellis
G029 Arcos Exellis
G030 Spirico Exellis
Plus a bonus - very limited due to damaged parts:
G031 Plasma Pheyden
And a re-release of the popular Standard Exellis, with the newly corrected paint.
G032 Standard Exellis V2

Three figures were released in limited quantities at SDCC, but more commonly in the “Craywave” (October 2008)Three figures were released in limited quantities at SDCC, but more commonly in the “Craywave” (October 2008)
G033 Alcray Pheyden
G034 Sentinel Exellis
G035 Marauder Exellis

The remainder of the October 2008 release consisted of eleven figures.
G040-G044 were sold as a Preview pack; the full release was during NYCC 2009.
G036 Pheyden V2 (never sold on the Onell site; available at conventions only)
G037 Standard Sarvos V1
G038 SE Standard Sarvos w/black Phase arm proto & Reverse Exellis V2 head (Warp Zone release)
G039 SE Pheyden V2 w/blue Phase Arm proto (Warp Zone release)
G040 Metran Pheyden
G041 Ballim Pheyden (Warp Zone release initially)
G042 Arquem Pheyden
G043 Voss Exellis
G044 Deslin Exellis
G045 Legion Pheyden (secret special from the Edge of Space store)
G046 SE Metran Pheyden w/red Phase Arms protos/Powered Glyos upgrade (Warp Zone release)
The fans at the time were happy with the Glyos figures, but it was time for something new...

Series 5 - July 2008 – October 2008

group item image
Reverse Pheyden V1
group item image
Ranic Pheyden
group item image
Dimension Pheyden
group item image
Capture Exellis
group item image
Arcos Exellis
group item image
Spirico Exellis
group item image
Plasma Pheyden
group item image
Standard Exellis MK II
group item image
Alcray Pheyden
group item image
Sentinel Exellis
group item image
Marauder Exellis
group item image
Standard Pheyden MK II
group item image
Standard Sarvos V1
group item image
Sarvos - Special Edition
group item image
Pheyden Special Edition
group item image
Metran Pheyden
group item image
Ballim Pheyden
group item image
Arquem Pheyden
group item image
Voss Exellis
group item image
Deslin Exellis
group item image
Legion Pheyden
group item image
Metran Pheyden - Special Edition